• New year new habits

    New year new habits

    It’s the beginning of a new year! If you are thinking of adding a new habit to your day to day life, you should first reflect on how you picked up your current habits and whether you can use the same skills to incorporate new behaviours into your routine. 

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  • #MeToo has changed the media landscape, but there is still much to be done

    #MeToo has changed the media landscape, but there is still much to be done

    Emerging in 2017 in response to allegations of sexual assault perpetrated by Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo highlighted the potential for traditional and social media to work together to generate global interest in gender-based violence. Within 24 hours, survivors around the world had used the hashtag 12 million times. 

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  • Lisa Jackson on Cultural and Ceremonial Leave

    Lisa Jackson on Cultural and Ceremonial Leave

    CPSU/CSA member Lisa Jackson, an Aboriginal woman working at the Department of Communities in Kununurra, presented a powerful argument on the importance of Cultural and Ceremonial Leave:

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  • Anna Stewart Project 2018

    Anna Stewart Project 2018

    The Anna Stewart Project is a Union run program to empower women and improve gender diversity, equality and rights in the workplace.

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Cleaning up your cliches and catchphrases in 2018

By the end of each work year there are always a few catchphrases and clichés that we are all more than happy to say 'goodbye' to when the calendar starts anew. We've compiled some of the worst offenders, and added a few...interesting...suggestions for the new year. Ferking forthward we shall all be prepared for a successful, anatiferous 2018.

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National CPSU Youth Committee

A group of young Organisers from every state and territory have come together to form the National CPSU Youth Committee to ensure that, as a movement, we empower and activate our young members.

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