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Fighting back against the generalised JDF

Budget cuts for staff in any workplace brings with it a number of risks – spiralling overtime, higher levels of stress and an expectation that everyone left needs to ‘step up.’ What happens when ‘stepping up’ or ‘embracing change’ means that your Job Description Form (JDF) suddenly becomes unrecognisable to you?

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Cleaning up your cliches and catchphrases in 2018

By the end of each work year there are always a few catchphrases and clichés that we are all more than happy to say 'goodbye' to when the calendar starts anew. We've compiled some of the worst offenders, and added a few...interesting...suggestions for the new year. Ferking forthward we shall all be prepared for a successful, anatiferous 2018.

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Is it even possible to have a work-life balance?

Back in the early 1980s, when I started researching the field of careers, the notion of “work-life balance” was decidedly embryonic. It certainly had almost no resonance among women, who were still expected to work both at work and at home. Now it’s an acknowledged part of the zeitgeist and central to how we arrange our lives.

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