Justice, sport and improving work life for ATSI public servants

Union delegates are the life blood of activism and the protection of our rights and entitlements in the public sector. Nine times out of ten these passionate individuals are also the life blood of our communities - dedicating tireless hours to community groups, sporting associations and local causes. 

Meet Phil, Our Workload Management Champion

Meet Phil Goulding, our Workload Management champion for Your Union Agreement.

Phil works in the Department of Agriculture and Food as a Research Officer, and is responsible for mapping and tracking environmental emergencies across Western Australia.

Meet your superannuation champion

It isn't every day that you will hear someone admit to being passionate about superannuation, but Leanne Reid cares deeply about the impact superannuation is having on the gender pay gap and how women - young and old - need a champion who will make super a priority in workplace bargaining.

Permanency Creates Thriving Communities

Clare Utley has been a CPSU/CSA union delegate since starting in the public service with the Office of State Revenue, more than 33 years ago. After moving to Albany 15 years ago, Clare continued her career with the Forest Products Commission as the Senior Conveyancing Officer.

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project 2017

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project is an annual training program for women in Unions to learn the history of Unions and forge a new future for female leadership in the movement.

The Man Determined to End HIV in WA

Cipriano (Cipri) Martinez currently advocates for fairer workplaces but his career in advocacy started over 20 years ago in a very different field. 

The Next Child

In a world where we see tragedy on the news every night, more and more of us are becoming immune to the everyday grumbles of working people.

Women Firefighters Blazing a Trail

Having the ability to lift someone weighing more than 60 kilograms, working at confronting accident scenes and putting your life on the line in the course of duty are just part of the job for firefighters.